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The Global Alliance of Independent Auditors (GAIA) serves to connect talent with the need for the talent. We are geared toward mobile work forces that require a high degree of competence. This includes professions like management system auditors and assessors, inspectors, technicians, trainers, and consultants. We have over 25 years experiEnce in management system certification.

Our user community is currently made up of certification and accreditation bodies, management system auditors, standard creators and training providers.

Our development team is well versed in the industry and uderstands the needs of the certified site, the CB, the auditor, the trainer and the consultants. We want to give you an excellent experience and increase the value you receive from the certification and auditing activities.

We are a previous winner of the hatching

The video above is the highlight video provided to us by Michigan Creative when we were Winners of The Hatching September 2014.