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GAIA helps keep the compliance industry connected, efficient and effective. We have tools for all management system professionals. GAIA will help you find the Certification Body, Auditor, Certified Company, Standard, Training Provider and/or Consultant who is right for you and close to you. Stop settling for close or competent and demand close AND competent.

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Certification Bodies

Search Directory Find a certification body who meets your requirements. Check their accreditations and countries of operation.

Auditor Home


Search Directory Find auditors who are close and competent for your assignment or check the credentials of your assigned auditor.

Company Home

Certified Companies

Search Directory Find certificates and validate their authenticity and validity. Email Add My Certificate To ensure your information is added to the directory.

Training Providers

Training Providers

Search Directory Find training providers and courses to attend that are close to you or where you want to be, a training provider to train your organization or online training to continue your education.

Accreditation Bodies

Training Providers

Search Directory Find an accreditation body who offers services for your market and required standards.



Find a Standard Find a standard or a standard publisher related to your industry and certification requirements.


Consultant Directory

Learn More We are looking for consultants who would like to register with us as consultants and who can be found in our directory.

Technical Experts

Technical Experts, Subject Matter Experts

Learn More We are currently building our directory of Technical and Subject Matter Experts.


Contact us if you think we are missing a type of member

Learn More. We are currently building our directory of translators and translator companies.